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In late 2014 we introduced Maria to the political social media platform ‘GovFaces’ and together they collaborated on creating an infographic on the House of Common’s Digital Democracy Commission Report.


The commissioners of the report were pleased with the work, chosing to publish the infographic on the UK Parliament’s website with a feature on Big Mouth Gets. After this success, we encouraged her to continue networking. After attending a Starbucks event, where she met the UK Youth CEO, the connections she made led to Bite The Ballot seeing her work and becoming a full-time client. Maria asked for our advice on the new opportunity and we counselled her against taking a full-time position, as it would not build her business.


Instead, we advised her to start a partnership agreement with Bite The Ballot, meaning Big Mouth Gets could work with other clients too. This approach helped the team work on amazing projects, leading to major clients, including UK Youth and recently the World Health Organisation. Big Mouth Gets has also had the opportunity to work, through Bite The Ballot, on projects for Twitter UK, Starbucks UK, UNILAD and LEGO. The team’s work has been exhibited by London councils on advertising boards across London, and has been projected on the Welsh Assembly.


We continue to support Maria, and believe that it was crucial for us to be there on her journey and to be at hand when she came up against challenges or major decisions. Big Mouth Gets is now a growing selfsustaining business with a diverse client base. With this growth, the business’s support needs are changing and Hatch continues to support Big Mouth Gets on its journey.

“Through Hatch we are constantly connecting with experienced professionals, getting involved with great opportunities and receiving invaluable advice on maintaining a lucrative, scalable business. "