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Sarah Bennett


Make Do And Mend

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When Sarah joined the Female Founders Accelerator in February 2017 she was struggling with deciding how she wanted to grow her business.


During the course she was given the opportunity to relocate to a larger retail space and found the course extremely applicable to her move. Expanding her business alongside the course was helpful, as the workshops addressed the points of transition she was struggling with most.


Sarah’s coaching allowed her to delve deeper into the topics most important to her and to set up good processes for sustainable growth. “The FFA really helped me realise what areas of my business needed more attention. It also forced me to take time away from the shop and really look at my business. This was initially quite challenging but I quickly learned how crucial it is if you want your business to grow. I’ve recently employed someone so I can dedicate time to continuing this practice!”

“I gained the confidence to make important business decisions that were coming up at that time.”