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On-demand practical programmes and activities for female founders to succeed at business and life.


Reedah’s Story

“FFA’s expert speakers provided inspiration, with honest, relatable, accounts of success, failure, and being a female entrepreneur”

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Joly’s Story

“The programme brings women together to support and empower each other. My business is all about empowering and connecting women around the world – it fits perfectly with the programme.”

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Fiona’s Story

“The reason why I support young mums is because ‘society’ has really labelled them as ‘the bottom of the pile’. They’re very socially isolated and excluded.”

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Maria’s Story

“Through Hatch we are constantly connecting with experienced professionals, getting involved with great opportunities and receiving invaluable advice on maintaining a lucrative, scalable business. “

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Noemi’s Story

” I want to make our new brünch cafe the go-to place in London and host more events, pop-ups and collaborations in partnership with our friends, local craftsmen and independent businesses in London and Berlin.”

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Sahra’s Story

“My experience on the incubator has been absolutely incredible! The knowledge, support and networks I have gained have been invaluable to the re-branding and structuring of my business. “

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